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Frequently asked questions by coachees are:
What is the true meaning of coaching?
I never worked with a coach before. What are typical reasons to use a coach and how do I know whether coaching helps me in my situation?
What is the difference between coaching and consulting or training?
What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
Who defines the topics that will be discussed in my coaching?
Which information can I provide in order to find a matching coach?
Will I know which medium(telephone, video conference etc.) a coach offers before choosing one? Who will determine the medium for the coaching?
Process & procedure
What happens after I submitted my request through the platform?
What happens, if I don’t like any of the coaches proposed by Haufe Coaching?
I have decided on a coach – what now?
In which intervals will the coaching sessions take place and how long will they take?
What if the connection breaks down during a coaching session? Will this time be deducted from my allocated coaching time?
Who can I contact in case of problems with my coach or the remote sessions?
What if the remote coaching session makes me realise that this is not the right form of coaching for me?
I’ve received an invitation to provide feedback regarding the coaching process. What happens with my feedback towards Haufe Coaching?
What happens in case I’d like to continue the cooperation with the coach after the process has been completed?
What are the costs if I book Individual Coaching?
What are the costs for CoachingBusiness Solutions?
Do I have to take all coaching sessions in quick succession?
How much time do I have to use the coaching I booked?
How does Haufe Coaching ensure, that the Platform only shows top coaches that are experts in their respective field?
Do I have to choose a coach ‘only’ based on her/his profile or can I also have a first talk before making my decision?
What happens if I am not satisfied and want to change coach during the coaching process?
Confidentiality & data protection
Who can see my coaching request?
Who gets insight in the content of my coaching sessions?
Organisation & contact
Do I have real contact persons at Haufe Coaching, or is Haufe Coaching ‘merely’ a platform?
Does Haufe Advisory only broker coaches or also trainers, mediators, etc.?
Frequently asked questions by coaches are:
The company, at which I’m already listed as a coach, has contacted me and stated that HaufeCoaching is their new outsourcing partner for their coaching management and that all future coaching requests will be handled by Haufe Coaching. What does this mean?
Do I need special software or apps to receive coaching requests via Haufe Coaching?
Admission process
What are the requirements to become part of the Haufe coach community?
One of the requirements is a ‘certification with at least 110 study hours’ – that doesn’t sound too much. Most certified coaches have a lot more experience – why is your limit this low?
Why do you focus on business coaching only and do not offer life coaching or social counseling?
I have many years of experience and completed many top trainings. I think my resume speaks for itself. Why is it necessary to go through the online registration to be listed as a coach with Haufe Coaching?
I am a managing director of a small company with some employees – can we register ourselves asa company?
Advantages of Haufe Coaching
What’s in it for me to part of the Haufe coach community?
How many coaching requests per year can I expect?
What is the extent of a typical coaching request?
How do the steps of a new coaching request look like?
Pricing & invoicing
How does pricing work? Can I ask what I want or does Haufe Coaching provide certain criteria?
Do I issue the invoice to the client?
Which currency is used to charge coaching sessions if I am working outside the eurozone?
What kind of support does Haufe Coaching provide in case clients pay late or not at all?
Rights & obligations
Do I have to apply to every coaching request?
Does Haufe Coaching have a competition clause?
Confidentiality & Data Protection
How does Haufe Coaching use the data stored about me?
Which obligations arise for me as a coach regarding the coachees on the subject of data protection?

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