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Executive coaching is an art in its own right. This is why it requires the very best coaches. Many years of experience, a mix of in-depth business understanding and thorough psychological knowledge, and extensive expertise in the management and development of organisations are just some of the prerequisites for executive coaches.

Our executive coaches have been intensively examined in a 4-step admittance procedure and comply with the sector’s highest standards.

We have high standards

Besides general prerequisites for leadership coaches, we attach importance to very specific characteristics inexecutive coaches. For only this allows for dialogue at eye level.


The ability to constructively confront top executives, stand one’s ground, broach certain issues openly, be bold and spirited — while at the same time showing appreciation and encouraging serious conversation.

Experts in organisation
and business

Being familiar with how businesses work and experienced in dealing with business challenges that are highly complex, both in terms of content and emotionally, and knowing about the leverage of an executive on the entire organisation.

Distance and change of perspective

Being aware of the fact that top executives are highly skilled in persuasion — and knowing techniques to help executives take on a different perspective and thus expanding their horizon instead of adopting their view.

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At the endof the day, what matters most is chemistry between you and your coach — not unlike
any other relationship. Benefit from our years of experience in matching
of executives’ requirements and coach profiles.
It’s time-saving and stress-free. Don’thesitate to contact us personally to discuss further details.

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“To me, the #1 key to success is ’creating lasting positive change in yourself and others’. That is what is most rare, most difficult, and most valuable about leading people.” 
- Marshall Goldsmith

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