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Dear Coaches,

we have an increased number of very specific coaching requests that we are focusing on. We would like to inform you that until further notice, the admission to our coach community will be particularly demand-based. We are actively approaching suitable coaches.

Therefore we are kindly asking you to refrain from registering at our platform for the time being.
Thank you for your understanding

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What are Haufe Coaching’s advantages?
What criteria do I have to fulfill as coach?
How will I receive coaching inquiries?

Your advantages

Strong acquisition channel

Haufe Coaching is the only German platform for targeted outsourcing of coaching management. With admission to our coaching pool, you’ll have the chance
to be listed in pools for a range of large enterprises - for free!

Targeted matching

Your profile as a coach will represent you in the best possible way. We understand your skills, thus we’re able to match you with projects that meet your experience and
you can have an impact on.

Access to an outstanding community

Besides coaches, Haufe Coaching also matches top management consultants for challenging consultancy projects. As a part of this community, you’ll benefit from an exciting networking possibility during our community events.

Bookkeeping support

A simple and transparent administration, accounting and payment process supports you and reduces your bookkeeping efforts – means more time left for content!

Continuous feedback & personal growth

At the end of every coaching session, you’ll receive constructive feedback and learn which skills have the most impact. A perfect chance for in particularly experienced coaches to ensure personal growth.

How will I receive coaching inquiries?

You decide which projects suit your skills best.
Coaching request

You‘ll receive exciting coaching requests that match your skills and you decide whether you’d like to present your profile to the client.

Coaching process

When the client decides to work with you, you‘ll hold the arranged coaching sessions and concentrate on your client. Log all coaching hours in Haufe Coaching’s system.


Our system will automatically generate and send an invoice to Haufe Advisory on your behalf, which will be settled after the client‘s payment. You don’t have to do anything!


After the coaching process has ended, we will acquire constructive feedback from the client. By this we ensure perfect conditions for continuous development.

Good coaches come in different shapes and sizes.

However, there are some similarities – and these are the basics for our selection process.

Business Coaching

You are a freelance business coach and support your clients professionally. You mainly focus on the economic sector, not on life and social counseling.

 Years of experience

You at least have five years of experience as a business coach – ideally experienced in management and executive coaching. You regularly coach decision-makers and are able to provide appropriate referrals. In best-case scenario you are or have been an experienced manager yourself and have workedi n larger enterprises. 

Acknowledged certification

Due to the unprotected job title of a coach and the large number of training providers, it’s hard to tell right from wrong. All of our listed coaches own an international certification including a minimum of 110 training hours – the average however is higher.

Methodological competence

For the success of your coaching sessions you‘re able to implement and use a variety of methods. You’re not only applying the methods according to the textbook, but you’re able to analyze the situation and combine and adapt methods accordingly, and improvise if needed. 

Continuous development

It is clear to you that constant development is necessary to remain among the best. This is why you are constantly developing, familiarizing yourself with the latest trends and topics and taking on supervision.

Highest integrity

You act as your client’s companion and create a sense of trust. Carefully handling customer information is your number one priority. The ethical principles of the coaching profession are not only familiar to you, but also form the cornerstone for the exercise of your profession.

We select our couches carefully.

Getting to know you well is very important to us. We need to be able to pitch your qualities towards our clients, and make sure we only send relevantv inquiries that suit you.
First interview

We‘ll give you a call once you’ve finished your registration. All open questions will be answered during this first interview.

Online procedure

We will send you a link to an online procedure. The information given here, along with your profile, will be the basis for our face to face interview.

Face to face interview

During this face to face interview, we will discuss
your experience as a coach.


List previous clients who are willing to provide us with feedback on your work. We only need feedback on the coaching process – not the content, of course.

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Do you have any questions? Call us

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Senior Project Manager

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